At A&A Services, we put 100% into every roofing, siding, gutter and replacement window project we take on in the North Shore. We’re proud of the work we do and we take the time to ask our customers to give us their feedback on how we did. That’s why we ask every customer to grade us on the work we did and the interactions they had with our employees. Below, you can see the feedback we’ve received. We’ve also included links to other review sites so that you don’t have to take our word for it.

Filreis“Personnel were on time, polite, neat, and professional; delivered what I expected.”

Completed Date: 10/8/2015
Overall Grade: A

Jim F.WindowsFramingham, MA

Wilson“It was a pleasure working with your staff. I was always well informed of the work schedule and time frame. Ed, Jose, and Keith were professional in their manner. Very knowlegeable providing me with a full and complete explanation of the procedures to be done and why, answering any concerns I had. They were respectful, clean and quiet. It was a refreshing experience with complete satisfaction! Thank you.”

Completed Date: 10/6/2015
Overall Grade: A++

Jean W.WindowsSaugus, MA

Pease“As always, quick professional and respectful. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch my house!”

Complete Date: 10/2/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Dawn & Dave P.Roofing & InsulationNorth Andover, MA

Dion“Excellent job; done professionally, expertly, timely, and to satisfaction. Definitely would recommend A&A Services. ”

Completed Date: 9/25/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Edward & Joan D.Vinyl Siding & CarpentrySwampscott, MA

Gaskell“We appreciated you’re a+ Services; especially the quick follow-up and solution to our problem regarding our window shades!”

Completed Date: 9/22/15
Overall Grade: A+

Allen & Marian G.Windows & GuttersMarblehead, MA

Grant“You always do quality work! Because of your work load this year, it was a little harder to get on the schedule but I still rated you A+!”

Completed Date: 9/10/15
Overall Grade: A+

Lorraine G.RepairsSwampscott, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 9/9/2015
Overall Grade: A

Gildas & Jessica Q.Windows & CarpentryBeverly, MA

Elsea“From presentation to completion, A&A Services did an A+ job! Couldn’t be more happy with my new roof. Chris and Sean communicated as needed, and the crew performed excellent!”

Completed Date: 9/4/15
Overall Grade: A+

Charlotte E.Asphalt RoofingPeabody, MA

Roy“From beginning to end my gutter project was great. The initial visit with Sean was informative (pricing may have been a bit high). Installers were prompt, worked diligently, and clean up was superb! Upon completion Sean checked in for feedback. A&A, be proud of your service! Thanks!”

Completed Date: 8/31/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Kathy R.Open GuttersSalem, MA

Leary“Great service all the way around. Would definitely recommend. Have already called to have other work done. ”

Complete Date: 8/31/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Ron & Claire L.Carpentry, RepairsSalem, MA

Wood 2“Told what a great job you did; gave out your cards.”

Completed Date: 8/28/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Mark W.Entry Doors, Gutter Shutter, WindowsLynn, MA

Velluto“Excellent! We will continue to use your services in the future.”

Completed Date: 8/27/15
Overall Grade: A+

John & Florence V.Storm WindowsMarblehead

balkus“No comments included.”

Completed Date: 8/27/15
Overall Grade: A

Maxine B.GuttersByfield, MA

“Ed did a great job communicating with us throught the whole process and personally helped resolve the issue with the two windows. Crews were sensitive to our needs because of a 91 year old living in the home.”

Completed Date: 8/25/15
Overall Grade: A+

Steve & Sue TVinyl Siding; WindowsSalem, MA

Stevens“We had not heard of A&A Services previously. We heard of you through a community advertisement peridocial. Of the firms whom we conacted, yours was the only one who replied and set up an appointment for us. We feel that the initial meeting and all subsequent transactions were handled promptly, professionally, ethically, and courteously, and that the job was very well done.”

Completed Date: 7/23/2015
Overall Grade: A+

John & Stacey S.Open GuttersWilmington

Labrie“Ed is one of the best salespeople I’ve ever met.”

Completed Date: 8/17/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Suzanne L.Asphalt RoofingMarblehead, MA

Owram“The work was great. We are very satisfied with the way the deck came out. We will definitely use A&A again. The best thing about A&A : you show up when you say you are going to show up and you call when you say you are going to call.”

Completed Date: 8/13/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Mike & Tracey O.CarpentrySaugus, MA


Anthony & Doris P.RoofingDanvers, MA

Gregg“Wonderful Job!”

Completed Date: 8/7/15
Overall Grade: A+

Jim & Connie G.Open GuttersLexington, MA

Basilio“A lot of people were involved in the actual installation but they were quiet and professional.”

Completed Date: 8/3/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Ken & Lois B.GuttersSwampscott, MA

TruesdaleNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/30/2015
Overall Grade: A

John & Linda T.WindowsBeverly, MA

Gendall“Chris – your company did an outstanding job on delivering the product and service. You listened and advised and made sure we understood the product line. You guys were prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. They did a great job and cleaned up nicely. Can’t ask for more!”

Completed Date: 7/29/2015
Overall Grade: A+

David & Karen G.WindowsBeverly, MA

MiniganNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/24/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Shawn & Sandi M.WindowsNorth Reading, MA

St PierreNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/23/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Lucille S.Storm DoorsSalem, MA

ArrietaNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/17/2015
Overall Grade: A-

Christian & Carrie A.Gutter ShutterMarblehead, MA

No ComMunroements Included.

Completed Date: 7/17/2015
Overall Grade: A+

John & Marsha M.WindowsSalem, MA

Webb Street Condo Assn“Very Professional – pleasure in doing business with such a professional team. Will definitely continue to use A&A Services for future work.”

Completed Date: 7/16/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Webb Street Condo AssociationSiding, Windows, Repairs

McKay“The staff and the work they deliver are outstanding. If I have any other window/door work to be done, I will call A&A.”

Completed Date: 7/10/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Evelyn M.Entry DoorSalem, MA

Hefler“I read in the Salem News about the actions of disreputable contractors and their clients; seems a fairly common occurrence and expensive. To me your company epitomizes the exact and total opposite. Thank you!”

Completed Date: 7/7/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Ralph H.Open GuttersMarblehead, MA

McDuff“I have never been disappointed with any A&A project; always top notch from start to finish.”

Completed Date: 7/2/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Dona M.Storm DoorPeabody, MA

MeyiNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 6/26/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Lou & Laura M.Roofing, Carpentry, Painting, InsulationMarblehead, MA

Doe“Chris – Great work, but we’ll have to wait ’till the snow and ice fly to see if it all works out. We are pretty confident though.”

Completed Date: 6/25/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Randy & Judy D.RoofingLynnfield, MA

Georgette Edited“Ed Burge was great; thoroughly went through all of the options. Gutters look and work great. Very professional throughout the entire process.”

Completed Date: 6/15/15
Overall Grade: A

Eric G.GuttersBedford, MA

Shaughnessy“As always another fantastic job done by A&A Services. From the estimate to the clean-up, we couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”

Completed Date: 6/26/15
Overall Grade: A

Brian & Vicki S.Roofing and SkylightsBeverly, MA

French“In and done with full cleanup in one day. Terrific job. Minor call back to adjust one door lock – immediate response and issues resolved.”

Completed Date: 6/10/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Robert & Victoria F.DoorsMarblehead, MA

Lausier“Ed was very helpful in regards to other work that needs to be done as well.”

Completed Date: 6/9/15
Overall Grade: A

Lisa L.WindowsMarblehead, MA

BentNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/29/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Barbara B.WindowsDanvers, MA

SchulzNo comments included.

Completed Date: 5/26/15
Overall Grade: A+

Ellen S.WindowsLynn, MA

Cronin“As usual everything was done as performed.”

Completed Date: 5/11/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Roberta C.WindowsSaugus, MA

OttesonNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/11/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Michael S.WindowsWatertown, MA

Elden“Very pleased. Workmen also replaced my clothesline; beautiful job. Thank You.”

Completed Date: 5/8/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Martha E.SidingManchester, MA

Rando“Sean was great going over the project. Patrick made sure he communicated all the issues and followed our requrests to the letter (ie. pictures).”

Complete Date: 5/7/2015
Overall Grade: A

Karin R.RoofingDanvers, MA

MaclaughlinNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/6/2015
Overall Grade: A+

David & Anne M.RoofingGloucester, MA

McWha“Couldn’t be happier with the work done.”

Completed Date: 5/6/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Charles M.RoofingPeabody, MA

Gardner“Sean is exceptional – I hope you treat him right and keep him! Your installer was also wonderful. I showed him the problems, where the extra siding was and before I know it he’d done the work and left. Except for the work being done, I’d never have known he was there.”

Completed Date: 5/1/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Sharon G.Siding RepairsSalem, MA

LaRocque“This was not the first project done by your company; we have always been very pleased, especially with the ease of follow-up phone calls to you if we had any questions about the work performed.”

Completed Date: 4/30/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Joseph & Pat L.RoofingPeabody, MA

Howard“Your crew worked very hard on the cold and windy day they worked on my roof. They finished the job in one day. They did a great job of cleaning up. We were very satisfied. Thank you.”

Completed Date: 4/28/15
Overall Grade: A

Robert H.RoofingSalem, MA

Heckscher“Thank you – we were very satisfied.”

Completed Date: 4/22/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Kathy & John H.RoofingWayland, MA

Wood“Your crew did an excellent job on my roof. It looks great and I know it was done correctly. The installers were great and cleaned up after completing the work.”

Completed Date: 4/20/15
Overall Grade: A+

Brian W.RoofingMedford, MA

ArneyNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 4/18/15
Overall Grade: A+

Scotty A.Siding RepairsSalem, MA

Davis“This is the second project performed by your company. First was gutter insulation, now attic insulation.”

Completed Date: 4/16/2015
Overall Grade: A+

Kathryn D.InsulationWaban, MA

Thompson“The repair man arrived sooner than I expected. He did the work and left suggestions with my wife.”

Completed Date: 4/8/2015
Overall Grade: A+


John T.GuttersBraintree

Fletcher“A job well done.”

Completed Date: 4/8/2015
Overall Grade: A

John F.GuttersMarblehead, MA

“The b+ for follow up is because one screen was damaged so you ordered a replacement. I had to phone and prompt someone coming over to bring the replacement. Would have scored another a+ if you had called me when it came in – but I did appreciate coming by after the installation to follow up.”

Completed Date: 4/3/15
Overall Grade: A+

Carol S.WindowsSalem, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 3/25/15
Overall Grade: A+

Dennis F.InsulationGloucester, MA

MorencyNo comments included.

Completed Date: 3/17/2015
Overall Grade: A

Pauline & Joe M.WindowsSalem, MA

Espinola 1-29-15“Excellent presentation of product. Would highly recommend the company. Great installers. Clean up was terrific! Sean did a great job!”

Completed Date: 1/26/15
Overall Grade: A+

Frances E.WindowsDanvers, MA

BussolariNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 1/16/15
Overall Grade: A+

Leonard B.InsulationMarblehead, MA

Schulz 2Very nice compelled carpenter.”

Completed Date: 12/22/14
Overall Grade: A+

Ellen S.WindowsLynn, MA

Luna“Sean is outstanding in customer service. I have a long time leak that he is investigating that no one else has been patient enough to help me figure out. Highyl recommended company!”

Completed Date: 1/2/15
Overall Grade: A+

Robin L.RoofingBeverly, MA

BakerNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/16/14
Overall Grade: A+

Mary B.DeleadingGloucester, MA

Robinson“Everyone said a new roof installation would drive us crazy. A&A Services was in and out in one day. Chris has always taken care of our needs. Thank you for everything.”

Completed Date: 12/12/14
Overall Grade: A+

Fred & Becky R.RoofingMarblehead, MA

Wayne“Would not hesitate to call on A&A Services when needed in the future. ”

Completed Date: 12/5/14
Overall Grade: A+

Marilyn W.DoorsSalem, MA

Vitagliano“I saw what a good job you did on my neighbor’s house and based on that and his recommendation, I called you. Follow-through and professionalism was wonderful.”

Completed Date: 12/3/2014
Overall Grade: A

Mimi V.WindowsSalem, MA

LaPointe“Outstanding professional work from both Ed and the installation crew. Windows are great. Workers were right ontime and cleaned up everything. Ed made several suggestions including a frosted bathroom window, which we would never have thought of. Thank you for a great job!”

Completed Date: 11/26/14
Overall Grade: A+

Amanda L.WindowsSalem, MA

Schulz“Everything went well and impressed with the speed and efficiency of the project.”

Completed Date: 11/13/14
Overall Grade: A+

Ellen S.RoofingLynn, MA

Larocque 2None.

Completed Date: 11/11/14
Overall Grade: A+

Joseph L.CarpentryPeabody, MA

Dennis, Rosamond“Well Done. Appreciated Quick Service.”

Completed Date: 11/11/14
Overall Grade: A+

Rosamond D.RoofingSalem, MA

Melloni, Robert“Set up appointment with Sean. Anthony came down just as I was going to a doctor’s appointment. Wife was at home. Nice, neat repair. Talked with Anthony before leaving; pleasant professional young man. I am a happy camper! Thank you!”

Completed Date: 11/11/14
Overall Grade: A+

Robert M.GuttersPeabody, MA

Clarke“Chris and Barbara are just great. I feel very comfortable working with them.”

Completed Date: 11/4/14
Overall Grade: A

Glenna C.CarpentryMarblehead, MA

Alleruzzo“Overall the job seems to be very good. Great presentation by Sean Luddy, and outstanding work ethic by Ryan.”

Completed Date: 11/4/14
Overall Grade: A

John & Kathy A.GuttersSwampscott, MA

Benson, Roberta“We appreciated professional treatment and timely installation of gutters.”

Completed Date: 10/27/14
Overall Grade: A+

Roberta B.GuttersAmesbury, MA

McGaffigan No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/20/14
Overall Grade: A+

Paul & Elizabeth M.GuttersArlington, MA

Costa“Per usual – Went right to work, explained plans, answered any and all questions, careful of kids and dogs, respected no smoking rule and worked hard!”

Completed Date: 10/10/14
Overall Grade: A+

Jan C.SidingSalem, MA

SabeanNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/3/14
Overall Grade: A

Jean S.Roofing, InsulationDanvers, MA

Boulter, Phillis“Very happy with the job.”

Completed Date: 9/25/14
Overall Grade: A

Phillis B.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Francis“Job well done; very pleased with the end result.”

Completed Date: 9/18/14
Overall Grade: A+

Wayne F.GuttersPeabody, MA

Pasquale, Anthony“The job was quickly and efficiently done. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Good job!”

Completed Date: 9/17/14
Overall Grade: A

Anthony P.GuttersDanvers, MA

McCluskey“Excellent Job. Thank You.”

Completed Date: 9/16/14
Overall Grade: A+

Rick M.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Bono“We have had A&A Services do several projects in our home over the last 10 years. They are always professional and do an amazing job. They show up when they say they will and clean up when they’re done. We appreciate that they respect our time and always treat us professionally.”

Completed Date: 9/9/14
Overall Grade: A+

Brittney B.WIndowsNorth Andover, MA

Smith 2“Delay in start because of new policy by product supply company. Shipment postponed 2 weeks in August.”

Completed Date: 9/8/14
Overall Grade: A

Nancy S.DoorsNahant, MA

Wayne“It has always been a pleasure doing business with your company. The work done is always A+ and your staff is wonderful. Keep up the good work.”

Completed Date: 9/5/14
Overall Grade: A+

Kathryn W.RoofingBeverly, MA

Danis“The entire crew was very professional and meticulous in every aspect of their work. Even our neighbors commented on what hard workers they were! Great Job!”

Completed Date: 8/29/14
Overall Grade: A+

John & Suzanne D.Windows, DoorsNorth Reading, MA

Horgan, Mary“I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of guys on a better job. They deserve a raise. Thanks.”

Completed Date: 8/27/14
Overall Grade: A+

Mary H.GuttersMiddleton, MA

Tanner, CarolynNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 8/21/14
Overall Grade: A+

Carolyn T.WindowsBoxford, MA

Carr 7-24-14 Roofing GloucesterNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/24/14
Overall Grade: A+

Lloyd & Gwendolyn C.RoofingGloucester, MA

Pease 7-14-14 Gutters North AndoverNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 7/14/14
Overall Grade: A+

Dawn P.GuttersNorth Andover, MA

“This job turned out to be much more challenging than initially anticipated as the old window broke in several places while being removed. Throughout it all: the workers were positive, professional, and prompt. Who could ask for more.”

Complete Date: 6/24/14
Overall Grade: A+

Doug H.WindowsMarblehead, MA

“Ed was very informative, professional, and respectful. The installers were professional.”

Completed Date: 6/27/14
Overall Grade: A+

Jim & Pauline L.GuttersLynnfield, MA

Duncan, Sheila“Barbara & Chris are a fabulous team!”

Completed Date: 6/27/14
Overall Grade: A+

Sheila D.WindowsMarblehead, MA

“Pleased we chose you to do the windows. Employees were pleasant and easy to be around.”

Completed Date: 6/24/14
Overall Grade: A+

George M.WindowsDanvers, MA

“Good rec. for  the kind of door that is shiftable for ocean front weather.”

Completed Date: 6/24/14
Overall Grade: A

Mary D.Storm DoorsSalem, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 6/21/14
Overall Grade: A

Fred L.RoofingLynnfield, MA


Nancy and Evan’s Gutter Shutter Clog-free Gutter system was installed by A&A Services, Inc. in 2005. Nearly a decade later, A&A returned to their home to ensure their utmost satisfaction.

“Some years ago, we had you install Gutter Shutter gutters on our home. To this day, this has been one of the best improvement/investments we have made to our home. We replaced our roof two years ago and the roofers had to remove our gutters and replace them. Over time we noticed that the screws were rusting on the downspouts. We put in a call to you and a very nice gentleman, Chris, came to our home to check out the problem.

He agreed that we could not live with our gutters (prize possessions) in this condition. He said that he would have someone come out and replace the screws when he had people working in the area. In the meantime, as time passed, we received a call from Chris that he was aware that no one had been out here yet and he wanted to reassure us that he hadn’t forgotten about us.

Recently, a truck pulled in the driveway and a couple of men spent the day here and they not only replaced all the screws on the downspouts, they found one of the gutters installed incorrectly and took it all apart and fixed it! I also think they had to battle some bees!

Needless to say, we are very grateful for our gutters and the excellent service we have received from your company.

Keep up the good work!”

Ann & Evan S.GuttersAndover, MA

“Everyone representing A&A was top notch.”

Completed Date: 6/19/14
Overall Grade: A+

Alicia C.Carpentry & RepairsSalem, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 6/12/14
Overall Grade: A

David P.GuttersBeverly, MA

“Very pleased and have already recommended the company! Will call again when work is needed.”

Completed Date: 6/9/14
Overall Grade: A+

Christine B. GuttersWakefield, MA

“Eric was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Explained what he was doing. Sean was a good communicator and oversaw work very effectively.”

Completed Date: 6/6/14
Overall Grade: A

Patricia B.DoorsBeverly, MA

Shaugnesy, Vicki & Brian“Yet again, another wonderful job by A&A Services. Ed was great at estimating and explaining the job so there were no surprises. Everyone on the job was professional, respectful, and courteous. We are very happy with the work that was done and plan on calling A&A for future projects on our home.”

Completed Date: 6/6/14
Overall Grade: A

Vicki & Brian S.RoofingBeverly, MA

Wilkie, Kathy“Great job on the roof. I previously had the gutters done by you. Pleasure working with Sean Luddy.”

Completed Date: 6/3/14
Overall Grade: A+

Kathy W.RoofingSaugus, MA

“Chris was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Chris. Jose & Willy are very good workers and they know their jobs. The Gutter Shutter installation was neatly done and they installed them with precision.Great Job Guys! Only time will tell if the maintenance free promise/performance will live up to it’s name.”

Completed Date: 6/29/14
Overall Grade: A+

Gail & Philip B.GuttersBeverly, MA

Prince, Phyllis“Workers arrived on time and worked all day; very efficient and polite. Chris- I’m sure I’ll be needing you again. Thank you.”

Completed Date: 5/23/14
Overall Grade: A+

Phyllis P.GuttersMarblehead, MA

“This was an excellent experience! Met my expectations and more. My neighbors have all commented about my install.”

Completed Date: 5/22/14
Overall Grade: A+

Carol K.Windows & Storm ProductsMarblehead, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/21/14
Overall Grade: A-

Linda G.DoorsBeverly, MA

“Timely, Quality Work.”

Completed Date: 5/13/14
Overall Grade: A

Nick K.Carpentry & RepairsLynn, MA

Talbot, Gail“Willie was Great!”

Completed Date: 5/13/14
Overall Grade: A+

Gail T.GuttersSalem, MA

“Awning looks very good. We have to wait for winter to come to see how well it works.”

Completed Date: 5/2/14
Overall Grade: A+

Fred & Donna L.CarpentryMarblehead, MA

Vaccaro, Ellen & Richard“Very good work, as before on all the jobs you have done for us.”

Completed Date: 4/14/14
Overall Grade: A+

Ellen & Richard V.Storm ProductsSalem, MA

“As always, we were very happy with the work done and the materials used. Ed Burge and the installers were professional and accommodating.”

Completed Date: 4/10/14
Overall Grade: A+

Art & Jan L.SkylightsLynnfield, MA

Sikora, Pearl“Overall Satisfied! Will be a repeat customer!!!”

Completed Date: 4/28/14
Overall Grade: B+

Pearl S.GuttersDanvers, MA

“Excellent Work, as always!”

Completed Date: 3/24/14
Overall Grade: A+

John H.Insulation & Air SealingWayland, MA

Small, Kim“Happy with the job.”

Completed Date: 3/17/14
Overall Grade: A

Kim S.WindowsSalem, MA

“As usual, a great job.”

Completed Date: 3/15/14
Overall Grade: A

John P.InsulationPeabody, MA

Teal, LincolnNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 3/13/14
Overall Grade: B

Lincoln T.WindowsPeabody, MA

“Another outstanding job put together by Sean Luddy.”

Completed Date: 3/6/14
Overall Grade: A+++

Barbara K.WindowsSwampscott, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 2/26/14
Overall Grade: A+

John & Patty H.GuttersPeabody, MA

“Both the windows replaced in the apartment and the front door replacement are excellent. Thanks for cleaning up.”

Completed Date: 2/24/14
Overall Grade: A+

Mary B.Doors & WindowsSalem, MA

Perry, Judith“Well Done. I would recommend you to others.”

Completed Date: 2/21/14
Overall Grade: A

Judith P.WindowsGloucester, MA

Poirier, Joan“Very pleased. Even the technician from the alarm company when he reconnected the alarm, couldn’t stop talking about how great it looked!This is my third job with A&A and I certainly will call for anything in the future.”

Completed Date: 2/21/14
Overall Grade: A++

Joan P.Doors, Storm ProductsWaltham, MA

Sher, MichelleNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 2/7/14
Overall Grade: A+

Michelle S.DoorsSwampscott, MA

D'Amore, Pat“If only all home repairs & improvements could be such a pleasant & straightforward experience!”

Completed Date: 2/4/14
Overall Grade: A+

Patricia D.Windows, DoorsNewton, MA

“Everything was done as scheduled, in a timely manner, with little to no disruption of house-hold schedule.”

Completed Date: 2/4/14
Overall Grade: A

Marie F.DoorsMarblehead, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 1/31/14
Overall Grade: A+

Bruce A.WindowsMarblehead, MA

“A&A – service and personnel have consistently provided high quality materials and service. Your people are courteous, thorough, and perform honestly and professionally. I will look to A&A for future jobs.”

Completed Date: 1/31/14
Overall Grade: A+

Dennis H.InsulationDracut, MA

Chavez, Robert 1“I believe this is the 3rd job we’ve hired A&A for; the experience continues to be excellent. Will keep coming back.”

Completed Date: 12/30/13
Overall Grade: A+

Robert C.Gutters & DoorsSwampscott, MA

“Thank you for a fine job.”

Completed Date: 12/12/13
Overall Grade: A/A+

Curtis & Kathryn D.RepairsSalem, MA

Sgambellone, Frank & Krissy“Ed was fantastic at the in-home sales visit; we liked him and the product/service he was offering. Adam showed up on time to do the work, we liked him as well. He worked all day, in the cold and snow, and completed the job. We will be returning for more work and will also recommend your company!”

Completed Date: 12/11/13
Overall Grade: A+

Frank & Krissy S.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Demakes, Mary 2“Pat is a very special and excellent worker.”

Completed Date: 11/20/13
Overall Grade: A+

Mary D.WindowsSalem, MA

“Start to Finish. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the entire experience was great – very professional crew. They know what they are doing and they work hard to get it right. Costs were clearly explained and there were no surprises – A great company with a great crew! Thanks for all your help.”

Completed Date: 11/15/13
Overall Grade: A+

Albert M.Windows & DoorsSalem, MA

Smith, Lester“I was very pleased.”

Completed Date: 11/13/13
Overall Grade: A+

Lester S.GuttersSalem, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 11/5/13
Overall Grade: A+

Shirley C.Storm ProductsPeabody, MA

Koulet, Julia“Professional Service!”

Completed Date: 11/5/13
Overall Grade: A+

Julia K.Roofing, WindowsWinchester, MA

Taylor. GloriaNo comments included.

Completed Date: 11/5/13
Overall Grade: A+

Gloria T.Gutters, WindowsMarblehead, MA

Sabean, Jean“We’re very happy with a very professional job well done!!”

Completed Date: 10/25/13
Overall Grade: A

Jean S.InsulationDanvers, MA

Zmetrovich, HollyNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/23/13
Overall Grade: A+

Holly Z.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Venetsenakos, James“Good Attitude. We are pleased with the men who installed the gutter. Looks good; very good service.”

Completed Date: 10/18/13
Overall Grade: A

James V.GuttersLynn, MA

Donnellan, SallyNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/16/13
Overall Grade: A

Sally D.Doors, Storm ProductsMarblehead, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/15/13
Overall Grade: A+

John & Kathy H.Windows, Storm ProductsWayland, MA

Sowinski, CarolynNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/14/13
Overall Grade: A

Carolyn S.WindowsLynn, MA

Sabin, Douglas“This job in all it’s aspects was up to A & A Services usual standard of excellence”

Completed Date: 10/11/13
Overall Grade: A+

Douglas S.WindowsSalem, MA

Huckleberry 2“Very thorough, good communication, quality workmanship. Thank You!”

Completed Date: 10/3/13
Overall Grade: A+

Sara H.CarpentryMiddleton, MA

Curry, Steve“Installer was very customer focused. He fixed another gutter that was dented while here.”

Completed Date: 10/2/13
Overall Grade: A+

Steve C.GuttersMelrose, MA

Dodge, Stan“Good Quality and Great Service!”

Completed Date: 9/25/13
Overall Grade: A+

Stan D.Storm ProductsWenham, MA

Frawley, Gloria“We were  very pleased with Ed and the installer. Ed seemed to know exactly what we needed to replace the outside door that we had. The installer did an awesome job and we are so glad to  have our outside door back and it looks great! I’m sure it will help insulate our basement when the cold weather comes.”

Completed Date: 9/20/13
Overall Grade: A+

Gloria F.Storm ProductsSalem, MA

Stasiak, Steve“I’ve been a painting contractor for 30 years and recognize exceptional work, and the work done by Sean and A&A Services was exceptional. No further work was done by my crew to prepare the work when we painted it. From start to finish the job was seamless. Thank you.

Completed Date: 9/12/13
Overall Grade: A+

Steve S.DeleadingGloucester, MA

Leonard“Chris Zorzy met with us several times before the project and addressed all of our questions and concerns. He has set the bar high with regard to contractors in Massachusetts. Both Chris and his crew are reliable, respectful, organized, and have a strong work ethic. They take pride in their work and it is reflected in the quality.”

Completed Date: 9/7/13
Overall Grade: A+

Robert & Elizabeth L.Siding, GuttersMelrose, MA

Wathne, Carl“Excellent.”

Completed Date: 8/22/13
Overall Grade: A+

Carl W.WindowsSalem, MA

No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 8/12/13
Overall Grade: A

Kathy B.WindowsSalem, MA

Norton, Matt & Gail“Great Job! Very satisfied.”

Completed Date: 8/12/13
Overall Grade: A+

Matt & Gail N.Roofing, CarpentrySalem, MA

Gold, Paula & Bruce“My expectations were set to be a bit disappointed since it was a complicated project (to us at least)! And we had recently gone through a kitchen renovation and that contractor required a lot of “hounding”. Chris and his crew are amazing and exceeded, by far, my expectations in every category. A true pleasure to work with and am so happy we called A&A!”

Completed Date: 8/7/13
Overall Grade: A+


Paula & Bruce G.Windows, Siding, RepairsMarblehead, MA

Morey, EleanorNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 8/1/13
Overall Grade: A

Eleanor M.CarpentrySalem, MA

“Thank You!”

Completed Date: 7/29/13
Overall Grade: A

Bridget C.InsulationMarblehead, MA

“Our house painter just commented on the great quality of work done on the windows. I was very pleased to report they were done by A&A Services!”

Completed Date: 7/18/13
Overall Grade: A+

Janet & Alan J.WindowsNorth Andover, MA

Draper, Doug 2“We have a very tall 3-story house that needed gutter work. A&A showed up on time, & did an excellent job in a professional manner. We have called them back to give us an estimate on another job.”

Completed Date: 7/16/13
Overall Grade: A+

Doug D.GuttersWakefield, MA

Nollet, Jim“Sean and your subcontractor were very professional and did an excellent job. Every day clean-up and good workmanship made for an excellent project.”

Completed Date: 7/15/13
Overall Grade: A+

Jim N.CarpentrySaugus, MA

Klink, Alan“You are lucky to have Patrick!”

Completed Date: 7/12/13
Overall Grade: A+

Alan K.Windows, Gutters, DoorsLynn, MA

Millett“A&A has done our entire house; siding, windows, deck, entryways. Always Great!”

Completed Date: 7/9/13
Overall Grade: A+

Dave & Mary M.DecksMarblehead, MA

Tuacchia, Steve“Sean Luddy and his crew did an outstanding job. I’m very happy with the level of professionalism and worksmanship. I would recommend A+A Services to other people I know that have similar home improvement projects. Thanks Again, Steve.”

Completed Date: 6/25/13
Overall Grade: A+

Steve T.GuttersSalem, MA

Brown, Peter“Installer was Exceptional.”

Completed Date: 6/21/13
Overall Grade: A+

Peter B.Storm ProductsMarblehead, MA

Snyder, Robin‘The project was very well done start to finish. Especially Appreciated:  Sean was very thorough during his initial evaluation/quote process. Also, Jose and someone else executed the project beautifully and explained the issues specific to our house.”

Completed Date: 5/25/13
Overall Grade: A

Robin S.GuttersPeabody, MA

Jones, Christine & Peter“Excellent Work! We will be calling you back to finish siding the rest of the house!”

Completed Date: 5/23/13
Overall Grade: A+

Christine & Peter J.SidingGloucester, MA

Titus, Rufus“Exceptional – all around.”

Completed Date: 4/25/13
Overall Grade: A+

Rufus T.GuttersMarblehead, MA

Shaugnessy, Vicki 7 brian“This is the 4th job you have done in our home and we have always been pleased with the work and your professionalism. We will continue to look to A&A Services for future work in our home. Thank you!”

Completed Date: 3/21/13
Overall Grade: A

Vicki & Brian S.DoorsBeverly, MA

Shahbazian, Lesley 2“Would use your services again.”

Completed Date: 3/20/13
Overall Grade: A+

John & Lesley S.CarpentryAndover, MA

“My experiences with A&A Services always exceeded my expectations. Chris has also helped by referring me to others who have helped with projects around my house.”

Completed Date: 3/3/13
Overall Grade: A+

Marie M.Siding, GuttersSalem, MA

Konieczny, Rick“Great. Very well done.

Completed Date: 3/1/13
Overall Grade: A+

Rick K.SidingTewksbury, MA

Poirier, JoanNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 2/22/13
Overall Grade: A+

Joan P.GuttersWaltham, MA

Pargas, WilliamNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 2/19/13
Overall Grade: A+

William P.SidingSalem, MA

Ward, Kathryn“We were very pleased with the entire project from beginning to end. Sean, Pat and Willie were great!”

Completed Date: 2/18/13
Overall Grade: A+

Kathryn W.WindowsMerrimac, MA

Houle, RogerNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 1/19/13
Overall Grade: A

Roger H.InsulationSalem, MA

Ed Bevilacqua“Very Good Job. Excellent Job.”

Completed Date: 1/18/13
Overall Grade: A

Ed B.Windows, SidingSalem, MA

English, RebeccaNo Comments Included

Completed Date: 1/12/13
Overall Grade: A

Rebecca E.CarpentrySalem, MA

Melloni, Robert“I consider an A+ as a super/exceptional/splendiferous occasion; by me stating an “A” is for me the best/highest grade. The installation was on time “7:30AM was stated, 7:30AM was met”, install went very well. Willie and Pat worked straight through and cleaned up spotless! Great job and it looks good!”

Completed Date: 1/9/13
Overall Grade: A

Robert M.GuttersPeabody, MA

Hanea, GaryNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/31/12
Overall Grade: A+

Gary H.WindowsDanvers, MA

Getz, Bob“Excellent job done by Jose, Julio & Willie. Jose presented a couple of issues and explained the options very well. I’d recommend these guys in a heartbeat.”

Completed Date: 12/5/12
Overall Grade: A+

Bob G.GuttersMiddleton, MA

Klodner, Robert“Everyone showed up on time and got started right away. Job was done same day. Were nice bunch of guys.”

Completed Date: 10/31/12
Overall Grade: A+

Robert K.GuttersWilmington, MA

Kester, BarbaraNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 10/17/12
Overall Grade: A+

Barbara K.RoofingSwampscott, MA

“Job well done, as Sipple, Robusual. Will highly recommend.”

Completed Date: 10/10/12
Overall Grade: A+

Rob S.WindowsSalem, MA

Lausier, Frederic“The job was done in a purposeful manner.”

Completed Date: 10/5/12
Overall Grade: A

Fred L.GuttersMarblehead, MA

Gallagher, Kathy“Project Manager, Ed Burge, I couldn’t have been assigned the best manager for this project. Ed was precise in what was required and very professional in his assessment of project. Great troubleshooting on rectifying a problem leak near the J-Channel. Best quality materials and excellent workmanship installation. Thanks for the great work/job.”

Completed Date: 9/27/12
Overall Grade: A+

Kathy G.Siding, Roofing, Insulation, Storm ProductsSalem, MA

Sabin, Douglas 1“This job in all it’s aspects was up to A&A Services’ usual standard of excellence.”

Completed Date: 9/26/12
Overall Grade: A+

Doug S.Storm ProductsSalem, MA

Robinson, Eleanor“It was a large and complicated job that was well-handled and completed in a timely fashion.”

Completed Date: 9/14/12
Overall Grade: A+

Eleanor R.InsulationSalem, MA

McCarthy, Paul“Excellent, especially on cleanup.”

Completed Date: 8/23/12
Overall Grade: A+

Paul M.GuttersDanvers, MA

Kiley, Katie“Overall, an excellent experience from the initial call to the office to inquire about A&A’s services through the post-job following call! Ed was absolutely great; prompt, professional, thorough, and kind. The crew was also wonderful; efficient, capable, polite, and neat. Thank you very much!”

Completed Date: 8/17/12
Overall Grade: A+

Katie K.Gutters, InsulationPeabody, MA

White, Jennifer“Sean was very professional – great with follow up, and very pleasant to work with. I received several quotes and Sean took the most time to give me an accurate quote for the work to be done. I would absolutely recommend.”

Completed Date: 8/8/12
Overall Grade: A+

Jennifer W.Gutters, DeleadingBoston, MA

McMorrow, Susan“I am very pleased with the skillful carpentry work and with the completed painting project at my home.”

Completed Date: 7/31/12
Overall Grade: A+

Susan M.CarpentrySalem, MA

Larocque, Joseph“Sean is exceptional, takes time to explain – we did not feel pressured or rushed – knows his job well. Always returns calls, is very courteous. Work was polite, no bad language – Work well and complete work on time clean up is exceptional also.”

Completed Date: 7/20/12
Overall Grade: A

Joseph L.Gutters, Doors, RoofingPeabody, MA

Walsh, Jack & Jean“Wonderful work & experience, will hire you again. Thanks.”

Completed Date: 7/18/12
Overall Grade: A+

Jack & Jean W.Gutters, RepairsSalem, MA

Babst, Jere & Gail Kaprielian“Overall very pleased. The product was awesome during heavy downpour the next week. Installers were polite, courteous, and efficient.”

Completed Date: 7/13/12
Overall Grade: A+

Jere B. & Gail K.GuttersNatick, MA

Coughlan“Very Professional, all nice people, good work.”

Completed Date: 7/10/12
Overall Grade: A+

Angela C.GuttersBeverly, MA

Douglas, Wendy“Beautiful Windows! Thank You!”

Completed Date: 4/1/12
Overall Grade: A

Wendy D.WindowsSalem, MA

Carneglia, Karen“Excellent. Will always look to A&A for future work.”

Completed Date: 3/19/12
Overall Grade: A+

Karen C.GuttersReading, MA

McElaney, John“Overall a very good job.”

Completed Date: 3/14/12
Overall Grade: A

John M.Gutters, SidingPeabody, MA

Little, Luana“Great Job. Ed was terrific in suggesting options. Willy was wonderful at installation.”

Completed Date: 3/12/12
Overall Grade: A+

Luana L.Storm ProductsBeverly, MA

Landahl, Gloria“Have had a follow-up conversation with Sean Luddy and another gentleman. Will continue to use & recommend A&A Services!”

Completed Date: 2/20/12
Overall Grade: A

Gloria L.WindowsLynn, MA

Laffert, Fred“Everything went well and it looks good.”

Completed Date: 2/17/12
Overall Grade: A

Fred L.WindowsLynnfield, MA

Anderson, BarbaraNo Comment Included.

Completed Date: 2/16/12
Overall Grade: A+

Barbara A.Windows, Gutters, Roofing, SidingMarblehead, MA

Munroe, MarieNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 1/23/12
Overall Grade: A

Marie M.GuttersSalem, MA

Frizelle, AdrienneNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 1/16/12
Overall Grade: A

Adrienne F.WindowsMarlboro MA

Johnson, Pamela“Excellent Job!”

Completed Date: 1/6/12
Overall Grade: A+

Pamela J.WindowsBeverly, MA

Cummings, MaryNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/19/11
Overall Grade: A

Mary C.InsulationBeverly, MA

Taurasi, CaroleNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/9/11
Overall Grade: A+

Carole T.DoorsSaugus, MA

Dubee, RobertNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/7/11
Overall Grade: A

Robert D.InsulationMarblehead, MA

Moore, Pat“Why would I ever use another company again for this type of work? You are the BEST. Chris runs a terrific business on all levels.

Completed Date: 12/5/11

Pat M.CarpentrySwampscott, MA

Ocasio, HelenNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 12/5/11
Overall Grade: A+

Helen O.GuttersHaverhill, MA

Denommee“Sean did a great job. Work was completed on time and as he described. I will recommend you to any friends or family. Thanks!”

Completed Date: 12/1/11
Overall Grade: A

Mike D.DeleadingBoston, MA

Houle, Alan_No Comments Included.

Completed Date: 11/30/11
Overall Grade: A+

Alex H.DeleadingSalem, MA

Destefano, Frank“Excellent experience, showed up on time, did a great job, and was very personable and informative. ”

Completed Date: 10/25/11
Overall Grade: A+

Frank D.Doors, RoofingSalem, MA

Greenstein, Mike“Ed was fantastic.  And as always Pat was the best.  The very best! For quality, workmanship and price A&A Services can’t be beaten.  Thank you for a job well done.”

Completed Date: 10/13/11
Overall Grade: A+

Mike G.CarpentrySwampscott, MA

Turner, Cynthia“The Gutter Shutters completely solver my water in the basement problem! They work as promised and I am completely happy!!”

Completed Date: 10/12/11
Overall Grade: A+

Cynthia T.GuttersWoburn, MA

Lutts, Rob“The whole A&A team is excellent. I was very impressed with the work.  I have about 12 more windows to replace. Will do in next 2012-2014 year. I will call on you.”

Completed Date: 9/12/11
Overall Grade: A

Rob L.WindowsSalem, MA

Blizzard, Ian“Great customer service. Easy the reschedule in an emergency situation on client’s side.

Completed Date: 9/2/11
Overall Grade: A+

Ian B.DeleadingMedford, MA

Filreis, JimNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 9/1/11
Overall Grade: A+

Jim F.WindowsFramingham, MA

Ernst, LeahNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 8/31/11
Overall Grade: A

Leah E.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Lafond, EmmanuelNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 8/29/11
Overall Grade: A

Emmanuel L.DeleadingTewksbury, MA

Crowder, Nancy“As expected, as always, a great job by fine craftsmen.  Thanks to Sean also. You will always have my business.”

Completed Date: 8/27/11
Overall Grade: A+

Nancy C.WindowsSalem, MA

Struzziero, Ernestine“The installers showed me what they had done at different stages of the installation.  They respected my property.”

Completed Date: 8/18/11
Overall Grade: A+

Ernestine S.InsulationDanvers, MA

Melin, Jeff“Everything was great! No Problems.”

Completed Date: 7/11/11
Overall Grade: A+

Jeff M.DoorsLynn, MA

Walker, Francis & Marguerite“Pat did an exceptional job-very precise-even cleaned up my lawn.  Can’t say enough about him. He’s great. Also Ed is great to work with. The company is great. Thank you.”

Completed Date: 7/1/11
Overall Grade: A+

Francis & Marguerite W.DoorsSalem, MA

DePasquale, Elizabeth“Satisfied with work, clean up & communication. Everyone was very professional.”

Completed Date: 6/30/11
Overall Grade: A+

Elizabeth D.Storm Door ReplacementSwampscott, MA

Vinal, John“Great Work!”

Completed Date: 6/20/11
Overall Grade: A+

John V.Gutter, SidingLynn, MA

Sadoski, DarleenNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 6/12/11
Overall Grade: A

Darleen S.CarpentrySalem, MA

Thibodeau, Bruce & joyce“For us, the siding was a large, confusing and expensive undertaking.  Ed Burge, our project manager, explained everything in detail and never hesitated to answer our repetitive questions.  Excellent job and completed with great detail and in a professional manner! Thank-you!”

Completed Date: 6/4/11
Overall Grade: A+

Bruce & Joyce T.Siding, GuttersMarblehead, MA

Moran, JohnNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/26/11
Overall Grade: A+

John M.GuttersEliot, ME

Silverio, BrianNo Comments Included.

Completed Date: 5/19/11
Overall Grade: A-

Brian S.DoorsDanvers, MA

Andersson, Lyssa“The work was done well as always. Where you really shine is your excellent customer relations. Both salesmen and workman are wonderful at customer service. ”

Completed Date: 5/13/11
Overall Grade: A+

Lyssa A.CarpentrySalem, MA

Perry, Judith“Very good install. Installer was very friendly and knew what he was doing”

Completed Date: 5/4/11
Overall Grade: A

Judith P.WindowsGloucester, MA

Miles, Richard & Dawn_“We love our window! Installers did an excellent job. Also, we are very happy with the excellent quality of the sunshine Vanguard window.”

Completed Date: 4/26/11
Overall Grade: A+

Richard & Dawn M.WindowsSeabrook, NH

Reed, Lois & Bruce“Good Job – Extra old downspout was removed at inspection.”

Completed Date: 4/7/11
Overall Grade: A

Lois & Bruce R.GuttersTewksbury, MA

Gillis, Jeannie“I couldn’t be happier. Everything was done so efficiently and the workers were friendly. No music was blared which I really liked. I’ll call again for future projects. ”

Completed Date: 4/6/11
Overall Grade: A+

Jeannie G.WindowsMarblehead, MA

Lisi, Art & Jan_“Ed Burge always promptly answers our questions and organizes a project.”

Completed Date: 4/5/11
Overall Grade: A

Art & Jan L.GuttersLynnfield, MA

Nye, Caroline & Rick“As usual, we were very pleased with the whole process. Pat does excellent work and we love our new windows!”

Completed Date: 4/4/11
Overall Grade: A+

Caroline & Rick N.WindowsSalem, MA

Clark, Gretchen“We have had a couple of days with rain, and the results have been very satisfying. We do appreciate how everything has been handled.  We will definitely consider A&A Services for future home repairs and/or improvements.”

Completed Date: 3/7/11
Overall Grade: A

Cameron & Gretchen C.GuttersSalem, MA

Diane M. & Sarah W.“It was so nice to be treated as if we were important.  You took time to explain what you were going to do and actually showed when you said you would. Your personal follow up to be sure we were satisfied, gave credence to all of your claims.”

Completed Date: 3/3/11
Overall Grade: A+

Diane M. & Sarah W.InsulationNewton, NH

Sigfusson, Dori“I Wish I had this kind of experience with every contractor.  A&A did a very thorough energy inspection of our house and then made some realistic recommendations for improvement. Everything was explained well and the quote and proposed work was very detailed. The installation team was great, started and completed the job within the specified time frame and took the time to clean up before leaving. This was pretty much our ideal contractor! Thank you!”

Completed Date: 3/2/11
Overall Grade: A+

Dori S.InsulationMiddleton, MA

Wood, Gene“Another great job. Knowledgeable people, nice cleanup after & during the work. Sean & the team do it right! Thanks.”

Completed Date: 2/23/11
Overall Grade: A+





Gene W.WindowsBeverly, MA

Morey, Eleanor“The fact that good workmen came when scheduled is important to us homeowners. Ed helped me immensely by installing the curtain rods on the door.”

Completed Date: 2/20/11
Overall Grade: A+

Eleanor M.DoorsSalem, MA

Konieczny, Richard“Excellent service! Product was explained to us. Installers cleaned up  and were pleasant. We will definitely recommend your company to others.”

Completed Date: 2/10/11
Overall Grade: A+

Richard K.InsulationTewksbury, MA

Xiarhos, Nicholas“My experience with Mr. Burge and his crew was extremely positive. Mr. Burge carefully examined the premises of my home, informing me in advance the scope of work and its cost. The crew completed the project expeditiously and in a professional manner.  A&A services is to be commended for the quality service delivered.”

Completed Date: 1/20/11
Overall Grade: A+

Nicholas X.InsulationMarblehead, MA

Lausier, Fred & Donna“Job Well Done!”

Completed Date: 1/11/11
Overall Grade: A+

Fred & Donna L.DoorsMarblehead, MA

Fitzgerald“Todd and the installation crew did an outstanding job from arrival to completion of the work.  They were cordial, friendly and very professional.  Great job. Home is warmer already.”

Completed Date: 12/31/10
Overall Grade: A+

Bill F.RoofingBeverly, MA

Minigan“Showed up on time, answered and explained all questions thoroughly. The time and attention put into sealing every seam and joint was incredible.  The trim and all the framing inside and out was tight and clean looking. Follow up was within hours of completion.  Looking forward to calling you for other projects, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Completed Date: 12/16/10
Overall Grade: A+

Shawn & Sandi M.WindowsNorth Reading, MA

Blake“Prior Projects:  Doors, Windows, Siding, Gutters.”

Completed Date: 12/14/10
Overall Grade: A+

Robin B.Insulation, CarpentrySwampscott, MA

Mcloughlan“As always A&A performed even better than I could have imagined – John was especially wonderful in his attention to detail and constructive suggestions.  Please let him know how much I appreciate them. ”

Completed Date: 12/7/10
Overall Grade: A+

Alexa M.CarpentrySouth Hamilton, MA

Ganino“We have been using A&A Services for about 5 years now.  We use them for our rental property and our own home.  I am constantly impressed by their dedication & quality of work.  We love them!!!”

Completed Date: 11/24/10
Overall Grade: A+

Bernadette G.WindowsSaugus, MA

Hilbert, Debbie“This is the third project for which we have used A&A. Sean has always taken good care of us & provides excellent customer service.  He’s easy to reach by phone, answers all my questions and addresses anything on my mind.  Pat has rebuilt our deck and replaced our sliding glass doors-he’s a very skilled and experienced carpenter and does wonderful work. The roof and gutter project we did earlier this year is also a great improvement to our house. I am happy to recommend A&A to anyone you might send my way.  Thank you so much.”

Completed Date: 7/21/10
  Overall Grade: A/A+

Debbie H.WindowsSalem, MA

Klemmer“Great job and good guys.  Felt very comfortable I got a good explanation, rationalization and ultimately a quality job. Thanks!”

Completed Date: 6/24/10
Overall Grade: A

Greg K.InsulationNeedham, MA

Neagle, Norma“I will recommend to people I know.”

Completed Date: 1/4/10
Overall Grade: A+

Norma N.WindowsManchester, MA

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