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Case Studies

Case Studies

Window Replacement in Winchester
The customer needed an energy efficient window replacement that will blend seamlessly.
Gutter Installation in Stoneham
We were in Stoneham, Massachusetts installing a Gutter Shutter project, our no-clog gutter system. Looking up before the clog free system is installed; there is a fascia board...
Window Replacement in Stoneham, MA
A client from Stoneham reached out to us looking to replace four basement storm windows in a 100 year-old Bungalow home.
Entry and Storm Door Replacement in Stoneham, MA
A client from Stoneham called us looking for a new back entry door, as well as a back storm door, and a new front entry door.  They also needed a rotted threshold on...
Open Gutters Repairs and Insulation in Andover
This winter was really rough, and a lot of homes were damaged as a result of the weather. This customer in Andover had a large ice dam on their roof that forced their gutters...
Gutter Replacement and Repairs in Lynnfield, MA
A client in Lynnfield reached out to us about a few different issues they were having. Their Colonial that was built in 2008 had reccuring ice dams in the winter which had...
Windows, Entry Door, and Roofing in Lynn, MA
A repeat customer of A&A's from Lynn reached back out to us looking for a number of different repairs on their home.
New Gutter System in Lynn, MA
Our client's in Lynn needed an new gutter system installed on the entirety of their home.  Over 130' needed to be installed around the home, and the clients also asked...
Window Replacement in Methuen, MA
A customer of ours from Methuen reached out to use looking to replace all of the windows around their cottage-style home, including a number of double-hungs, picture, and...
Gutter Shutter Installation in North Andover
This home in North Andover is set off in a beautiful wooded area. Surrounded by pine trees, this customer’s gutters had clogged for years due to all of the pine needles...
Clog Free Gutter Installation in North Andover
Our client requested a seamless, clog free gutter installation for their home.
New Roof in Swampscott
Repeat customers of ours came to us when it was time to replace their roof. Their home, located in the scenic seaside town of Swampscott, MA, has spectacular ocean views....
Storm Door Installation in Swampscott, MA
A previous client, for whom we installed new windows in September 2015, reached out to us about installing a new front storm door in their home.
Entry and Storm Door Replacement in Swampscott, MA
The client called looking to replace their back entry door, as well as a possible storm door replacement and new screen.
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