Casement Window Replacement in Wenham, MA



The client’s were interested in installing a new Casement window into their kitchen. However, they wanted the crew to leave as much of the interior trim in tact as possible, so the team needed to take care to make clean, even cuts in the window trim.


First, the crew needed to cut back the existing a small part of the interior trim around the window with a sharp multi-tool in order to slide the window out. They made sure to cover the area with painters plastic using adjustable poles and painters tape to help keep dust out of the kitchen.


Next, the crew cut 2″ of clapboard around the outside of the window in order to fit the new casing and header PVC trim. They also cut 1 and 3/4″ of clapboard from underneath the window to leave enough space to install the new PVC sill face.


After the old window was cut out, the crew got to work installing the client’s new Vanguard Casement windows. The casements have a very low air infiltration rate, one of the industries lowest, and come with a dual weather-stripping system with compression to help protect against drafts. After the window was put into place, all the exterior trim was fastened into place with screws and plugs where it was possible. Additionally, all edges were sealed with white quad caulking to ensure the air infiltration rate was as low as possible.

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