Entry and Storm Door Replacement in Stoneham, MA


A client from Stoneham called us looking for a new back entry door, as well as a back storm door, and a new front entry door. They also needed a rotted threshold on the back door repaired that rotted out at the base.


Our Salesman Ed Burge went out to Stoneham to meet with our client’s to discuss all of our door options with them. After going over all of the different models, the clients decided on a white, pre-finished Therma-Tru Entry Door with brass hardware for the back entry door. For the two storm doors, our client decided on the Anderson Aluminum Storm Doors, with 3/4 light panel on the back door, and a full-light glass panel on the front door. Both storm doors also had brass hardware as well.

After deciding on which models they wanted, Ed took measurements of all of the door frames to get the doors custom fitted. The back entry and storm doors were a little bit tricky because they had to be slightly different sizes. The entry door needed to open interally rather than externally, due to the storm door being on the outside, and that meant that the door needed to be able to swing over the interior trim and mat that the client had on the inside of the home. Knowing this, Ed ordered the entry door to be made just a half-inch shorter than the storm door so there would be no issues operating the door.

Once the doors came in, the crew headed up to Stoneham to work on installing the doors. The first thing the crew needed to do was remove the old doors from the home and dispose of them. Once that was completed, the crew needed to repair the rotted threshold before installing the new door. The grout at the bottom of the door frame was in poor shape, so after repairing the rot under the threshold, the crew needed to use the Geocell Sealant to ensure the door would be properly sealed and no more rot would occur.

After properly sealing the door frame, the crew got to work on installing the new doors. The new doors were installed with right-swinging hinges, with the new entry door swinging inward and the storm doors swinging out. After installing the back entry and storm doors, the crew also needed to install some new trim around them. On the interior, the clients wanted 3 1/2 inchees of Select Pine Colonial Trim, and for the exterior 2 inches of pre-primed brick mold trim.

After installing the trim, the crew ensured that the home was clean, on the interior and exterior with a vacuum and maganetic rake, respectively.

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