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Open Gutter, Leaf Relief, and Fascia Board and Flashing in Salem



A repeat customer of ours from Salem called us to replace their entire gutter system, fit it with our leaf relief system, and also repair a couple large sections of fascia board.


We sent our salesman Ed Burge over to the property to assess our clients home and provide them an estimate for replacing the entire gutter system and a couple of large sections of rotted fascia board. The only section of the gutter system that the clients wanted to save was their beautiful copper rain-chain downspouts on the front of their home. After assessing the property, Ed came back to the showroom to put in an order for the gutter system.
A few weeks later, once the system came into the shop, the crew headed over to the property to install the system for our client. Upon arriving to the jobsite, the first thing the crew needed to do was replace the rotted fascia board. Since the gutter system needs to be caulked and flashed to the fascia board to help prevent any water from seeping behind the gutter system and potentially causing rot damage, its imperative that the fascia board is installed before the gutters. The crew knew that there were two 31′ sections of fascia board on the left and right sides of the home that had significant rot damage and needed to be repaired, but they also needed to check the rest of the fascia board for any rot damage before they could install the gutter system. The crew confirmed that the two 31′ sections were the only rotted portions so they removed the old rotted sections of the board and replaced it with fresh fascia board.
After repairing the fascia board, the crew was able to start working on the gutter system. The crew began installing our seamless, aluminum gutters to the home, starting with the long, continious sections. After installing the continous pieces of gutter, the crew needed to add the end caps and miters to the corners of the system in order to make it water-tight. The crew then sealed all the corners with Geocell 2320 Sealant. Next the crew installed the downspouts in the system, and re-attached the clients rain-chain downspouts to the front of the home. After that, the crew caulked and flashed the gutter system to the fascia board in order to prevent water from seeping behind the fascia board and casuing more rot damage.

After the gutters had been caulked and flashed, the crew added leaf relief to the entire gutter system. Once the leaf relief had been installed, the crew cleaned up the property, using a maganetic rake to make sure they caught any stray screws that could have fallen into the yard. After they cleaned the property, the crew headed back to the showroom.

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