Window and Storm Door Replacement in Salem, MA



A customer from Salem reached out to us looking to replace a few wooden windows around their property. They also needed a new storm door installed in the rear entrance of the home.


Our salesman Ed Burge went to the property in Salem to discuss an estimate with our client for on replacing their windows and storm door. The clients old wooden windows were from the 1980’s so they needed to be examined for lead before Ed could go any further. Both of the windows tested negative, and an additional test confirmed the results, so Ed got to work on taking the dimensions of the two double-hung windows so he could send the order off to have the windows built. Additionally, Ed had to take measurements of the storm door frame, which was slightly different than the doors factory pre-set dimensions, so the windows and storm door all needed to be custom ordered. After taking all the measurements he needed, Ed came back to the showroom to file the paperwork.
A few weeks later the products came into the showroom, and the crew got to work on installing them into our client’s home. The first thing that the crew worked on installing was the two double-hung windows. Before starting on the windows, the crew made sure to protect the clients home with a tarp. Once the home was properly protected, the crew scored away the existing stops with a sharp multi-tool. After carefully removing the stops to keep the paint around the windows in tact, the crew needed to get the windows out of their frames. Because these were old wooden windows, they were fitted with window weights to help keep the window in place. When a window has weights keeping it in place, two large pockets need to be created to the left and right of the window for the weights to sit. Since our Sunrise windows do not need window weights, we removed and saved them for our client, per their request. After removing the weights, the crew needed to fill the pockets with insulation. Our Sunrise windows come with very low air infiltration rates so making sure the window weight pockets are properly insulated allows our clients to take full advantage of what Sunrise windows have to offer.

Once the window weight pockets were properly insulated, the crew needed to install the new Vanguard series windows into the frames. They shimmed the windows and added insulation around them, reinstalled the stops with new brass screws and rings, caulked around the edges to complete the seal, and the window portion of the installation was complete.

After the windows were installed, the crew got to work on installing the clients new Harvey Aluminum Storm Door. Our client wanted to leave their existing casing around the door, but Ed made sure the crew brought some extra pre-primed 1×3’s with a table saw so they could custom cut new casings just in case the old one fell apart upon removal of the old door. The spacers ended up being in good shape, so the crew did not need to replace them. They simply removed the old storm door, and installed the new door which was outward swinging and left-hinged just like the previous door which made the installation easy for our crew.

After fitting the new storm door into the frame, the crew made sure to clean up the property with a vacuum in the interior of the home, and a maganetic rake in the yard to catch any stray screws. After making sure our clients home was clean, the crew headed back to the showroom.

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