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Window Replacement in Methuen, MA



A customer of ours from Methuen reached out to use looking to replace all of the windows around their cottage-style home, including a number of double-hungs, picture, and sliding windows.


We sent our Salesman Sean Luddy over to discuss all of our window options with our clients. Sean showed our clients our available options, and they decided they would replace the windows with Sunrise series windows, including five Essential double-hungs, one Vanguard casement, one Vanguard picture, and two Vanguard double-hungs. Our client also requested a diamond grid pattern for their picture window to match the old windows our crew was removing. After deciding what windows our clients wanted, Sean got to work taking down the dimensions of all of the window frames so the windows he ordered would fit securely in their frames. After taking measurements of the windows, Sean headed back to the showroom to order our clients windows.


Once the windows came into the shop, the crew headed back up to Methuen to get started installing our clients windows. Upon arriving to the property, the first thing the crew had to do was protect the interior of the home from any damage. They vacuumed the inside of the home around the windows and then laid down some protection for our clients floors. After making sure everything was protected, our crew got to work on removing the interior stops from the windows. They use a sharp multi-tool to score away the old stops in order to both keep the stops in tact in case they are in good condition and can be re-installed, and also to minimize any damage to the interior paint around the window.

After carefully scoring away the old interior stops, the crew needed to remove the old windows from their frames. The crew carefully removed the windows and disposed of them. After this the crew needed to check the window frames for window weights and/or pockets. Older windows often have weights in the window frame to hold the window in place, but they are not needed anymore so our crew always fills the pockets with insulation if they exist. Sunrise windows have one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry so it would be a disservice to have large hollow chambers around the window that held the windows back from their full potential. After making sure the window weight pockets are properly insulated, the crew began installing the windows into their frames. They also shimmed around the windows during installation which allows them to add insulation around the windows and cut down on the air infiltration even more.


After shimming and adding insulation around the perimeter of the windows, the crew needs to re-install the interior stops to the windows. They use brass screws to reattach everything to the frame, and then caulk along all of the edges to ensure everything is as air-tight as it can possibly be.

The crew installed the double-hung windows around the property first, and then finished off with the picture window that was flanked by sliding windows, which our client requested we change to double-hungs. Once they had completed the interior portion of the installation, the crew works on installing the exterior trim as well.

After completing the exterior portion of the install, the crew needed to clean up the property, with a vacuum on the interior and a maganetic rake on the exterior to catch any nails that may have been dropped. After making sure the property was as clean as it was upon arrival, the crew headed back to the showroom.

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