3 Key Questions to Ask Before Getting a New Entry Door

Nothing quite satisfies a friendly visitor like a strong and beautiful exterior door. Granted, having an entry door that is stylish and grand in size can automatically boost your property’s curb appeal, but also guarantees your safety and security. To add, replacement doors are also an effective way to increase your property value down the line. 

Like a roof replacement, there are many options you can consider when replacing your doors, including styles, colors and materials. To ease the decision-making process of your next home improvement project, we collated some important questions to ask before getting a new entry door.

1.  “Which kind of door should I use?”

This question ultimately boils down to picking a style that best suits your overall home style. For example, if you have the classic American Craftsman home, you need a Craftsman door that is constructed from hardwood like mahogany or oak. An arched door, on the other hand, is a custom-made architectural feature that gives off a playful energy and distinctive look to your home.

2. “What material should I choose?”

Doors are not all for show. Thanks to new innovations, manufacturers and contractors are committed to providing energy-efficient and secure replacement doors that homeowners can benefit from. Fiberglass, one of the most common door materials, is low-maintenance and extremely durable. Since it doesn’t warp or rot like wood, with proper maintenance, you can expect the fiberglass to stand strong for many decades. Moreover, steel doors are also a popular choice due to its strength and energy saving capabilitiesmaking it a staple even for siding and roof replacement contractors.

3.  “Is my contractor licensed and insured?”

Make the most out of your new entry door by hiring a trusted local door replacement company. Licensed and experienced installers do not only guarantee high quality products, but also make sure that the installation process follows a strict set of standards. In this way, you can be confident that your new door is airtight and in optimal condition for security. Additionally, reputable companies have insurance for their workers on the job site to protect you from liabilities when unfortunate incidents occur.

For the best exterior door services, turn to A&A Services Home Improvement. We are one of the leading door and roof replacement companies in the locale, staffed with dedicated and experienced technicians who only want the best for your home!

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