3 Exterior Home Improvement Projects to do this Summer

Summer is that time of the year when home improvement is at its peak. It’s natural for many homeowners to make the most of this season’s optimal conditions. With the warmer weather, it’s easier to move around the house and it’s safer for contractors to do their jobs.

Clog free gutter

If you are planning to do some exterior remodeling, A&A Services is your reliable partner. Aside from gutters in Salem and the surrounding areas, here are three more projects to prioritize this summer:

Replace Siding

Before we get hasty with siding installations, ask yourself these questions: What is your current siding material? How well did it perform over the past years? Do you think there’s another material that will outperform it? From there, we can help you assess the kind of siding that will suit your home. Here at A&A Services, we have classic and easy-to-maintain vinyl siding. We also offer James Hardie® siding, which is specifically designed to match your local climate.

Replacing Your Old Windows

Another ideal summer project is replacing your old windows. Now, a window is a great source of ventilation and lighting. Nonetheless, some brands have more features, such as Sunrise Windows®, which are designed for energy efficiency. In that case, our window replacement would be a great start to make sure your home stays cool this summer. On top of comfort, the Sunrise Windows® that we install also provides big savings on energy and maintenance.

Installing a New Roof

To improve your home performance and energy efficiency, we recommend a roof replacement. Of course, that is if you really need one. A new roof offers better-quality protection, which older structures can’t give. Additionally, a roof replacement is advisable for people who want to increase the curb appeal of their home. You’ll be surprised how your house will stand out in the neighborhood.

Be sure to include these three in your list for exterior projects this summer. For your home improvement needs, we’re here to assist you. In fact, A&A Services is the go-to company for Salem gutters, windows, roofs, doors, siding systems, and other projects.

Just call us at (978) 741-0424 to get started. We look forward to making your home more beautiful and energy-efficient!

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