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9 Ways to Winterize Your Home

9 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 by Chris Zorzy

Seasonal preparation ensures that your home is ready to face any weather condition. This winter, make sure your home withstands the cold climate with this winter preparation checklist from A&A Services.

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1. Inspect windows and doors for drafts. If you notice any gaps around the frame, apply caulking in necessary areas.

2. Check Salem windows and doors for signs of damage such as cracks, broken panes, rot, or decay. Replace baldy damaged components immediately to prevent any further damage to other components.

3. Ensure weather stripping around doors and windows. Any gap can lead to heat loss, which can affect indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

4. For roofs, conduct a visual inspection on ground level. Look for damaged, missing, or warped shingles. Have reliable contractors replace them immediately to prevent leaks.

5. You should also inspect the flashing around vents, chimneys, and/or skylights. Damaged flashing can cause leaks in these areas.

6. Close all openings to prevent birds and other small pests from getting inside your home.

7. Make sure your gutters are clean so that melted snow can flow easily through the downspouts.

8. Secure the fastening for gutters and downspouts. The weight of the snow can cause your gutters to pull away from the roof if you do not fasten them properly.

9. Make sure that downspouts extend five feet away from the foundation of your home. This way, your basement is free of flooding when snow melts.

Preparing your home for the cold days ahead can lower your energy bills and ensure safety for you and your family. It can also increase the life span of your home components. If you need help with winterizing your home, you can rely on A&A Services.

We specialize in doors, roofing, gutters, and window installation in Salem, MA, and the nearby areas. We carry the top brands in the industry to create comfortable and energy-efficient homes. To make your home more comfortable this winter, we can also install spray foam insulation. This stops the heat from escaping through your roof, creating a warmer indoor environment.

If you want to learn more about our home improvement services, call us today at (978) 607-0881. You can also request a quote through our contact form.

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