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A&A Services: The Importance of Our Yearly Training Sessions

Training is an important tool in every industry. It keeps employees up to date and equips them to carry out their mission perfectly.

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With that in mind, Salem roofing contractors such as A&A Services undergo yearly training from CertainTeed, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for lead safety. We believe that every certification we get from these organizations and agencies will be beneficial not just to the company but to the homes we service as well.

The Significance of Undergoing Series of Training

Today, we’ll talk about how our contractor training can benefit you as a homeowner. First, the only way we get certified as a company is to undergo and complete a series of trainings. The entire process tests our knowledge, skill, and overall qualifications. Aside from equipping us, attending training sessions polishes what we already know. It creates a learning environment for both our older and newer employees. As you know, a positive culture is always crucial for success.

Our training sessions help us become better contractors. We stay updated on the latest technologies and innovations, which are necessary for doing our jobs. As a result, every single roof, window, siding, door, and gutter that we install is of the highest quality. Many homeowners will enjoy the benefits of excellent repairs and installations and that makes us proud, as our commitment is to make every home a better place.

The Main Benefits of Our Yearly Training Sessions

A&A Services is a lead-safe certified firm. This means that our products and services are essentially free from lead properties. You can also rest assured that we make your safety and comfort our priority. We make sure to thoroughly clean the working area after every job we do. We also see to it that we dispose of any material or debris properly. As an all-around home improvement contractor, we observe strict compliance with OSHA’s fall protection regulations.

We look after our employees in the same way that we protect homes. OSHA’s fall prevention seminars prepare us for any unprecedented occasions. Lastly, A&A Services is certified by one of the leading brands in the country, CertainTeed. We use their starter shingles, ice and water shield, Roofers’ Select™ or DiamondDeck™, CertainTeed shingles, hip and ridge accessories, and attic ventilation. These materials ensure the best performance for roofing in Salem area homes likes yours. Additionally, our three decades’ worth of experience makes us highly qualified to install a roof on any type of home.

The next time you need to hire a professional contractor for your home improvement needs, just remember that A&A Services is fully trained and equipped to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Just give us a call at (978) 741-0424 today to learn more about us.

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