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Certified Energy Auditor MA – Boilers and Heating

We at A&A Services have successfully completed “Heating Systems for Energy Auditors” at Manchester Community College’s Workforce Development Center, so forgive us for the lack of blog entries this week as it was a rigorous course. As energy auditors, we always look to stay current in new (and old) boiler and heating systems and updates and relay that valuable information to our customers. We received a certificate from MCC in completion of this training. So what is the importance of inspecting a boiler before an energy audit is done?  Boilers have everything to do with energy audits. What type of boiler you have will help determine what paths to energy savings are right for you. Old and improperly installed boilers pose a threat to you and your family, and could be producing major problems like Carbon Monoxide. Below is a picture of MCC’s state of the art boiler room, housing almost every type of boiler you could ever imagine. Our instructor, Al Little, has been working around them almost his entire life. Boiler Rooms MAThat entire wall of boilers is only the tip of the iceburg at Manchester Community. That wall is one of 6 walls contained in the laboratory, and Al knows the ins and outs of every single one. Although the training was intense, it would be impossible to catch up with Professor Little’s wealth of knowledge. Below is the certificate that we received for completing the training. Although we don’t know as much as Al, we have further accelerated our knowledge as people who perform audits regularly. Where can you get a real-deal energy assessment?  Energy Audit MAFree energy assessments given out by government backed programs often skip the most important part of the assessment. This is called a Blower Door Test. In order to get any sort of accurate information about what’s going on in your home, the test must be done to determine air tightness. In the above picture, you can see Chris Zorzy’s name, he is the owner of A&A Services, he also knows his stuff when it comes to real-deal energy assessments. The picture on the right is a picture we took of our energy audit process in action, and you can get a sneak peak of our infrared camera technology as well. Our energy assessment is a $295 dollar value, and we offer it for $99 dollars. If A&A does any energy-related work to your home, the assessment is FREE. Give us a call at 1-978-741-0424 or click the links/pictures you see in this blog.

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