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Different Insulated Glass Packages from A&A Services

Different Insulated Glass Packages from A&A Services

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 by Chris Zorzy

When looking for new windows, energy efficiency is a term that always comes to mind. Energy-efficient windows help you save money by lowering energy consumption. These also maintain a consistent indoor temperature, improving comfort during any season.

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Energy-Efficient Glass Options

One way windows become energy-efficient is through the glass. Replacement windows in Salemfrom A&A Services come in different insulated glass options that ensure comfort and savings for many years.

● VG Plus™ Glass System – This 7/8” dual-glazed insulated glass features our GlassGuard™ spacer system. We fill the air space with high-density argon gas and coat the glass with eight layers of high-performance reflective metallic shields.

● VG 12™ Glass System – This also has the same features as that of the VG Plus; the only difference is the coating. This comes with 12 layers of high-performance metallic shields to improve reflectivity.

● VG3Ar Glass System – Having the same glass size, gas fill, and spacer system as the other glass packages, the difference of the VG3Ar system is in the number of panes. This features two panes of VG Plus and one pane of sound-absorbing glass.

We make your windows more energy-efficient by adding insulation around the frame. For example, our double-hung and sliding windows come with SecureSeal™, which is a fiberglass core that acts as an insulator and weather strip barrier.

Other Window Features

Our windows don’t only ensure energy savings, but these also boost curb appeal with little maintenance. We offer SolarClean™ Self-Cleaning Glass, so you’ll never have to worry about spotting and streaking. As for beauty, we have different handcrafted patterns, colors, stylish hardware, and textures. If you want to make your windows unique, you can add grid option or use etched glass.

Our window styles include both traditional and contemporary options. We have double-hung, picture, sliding, casement, bow, bay, and basement windows that guarantee long-lasting performance against harsh elements. When you work with A&A Services, expect high-quality window installation in Salem, MA, and the nearby areas.

If you want to learn more about our energy-efficient windows, contact us today. You can reach us at (978) 741-0424 or through our contact form.

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