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We’re at one of our customers houses in Exeter, New Hampshire. This is a customer we’ve done a lot of projects for. Right above the patio door you can see our maintenance-free clog-free gutter system, we put it on a few years ago and this customers very happy with it; no clog, no leaks, no nothing. After being happy with a beautifully functioning gutter, they hired us to install these three patio doors you see in the movie. One of the patio doors has been installed already in the movie, which gives you an idea of what it looks like brand new. This is a Sunrise Patio Door; Fiberglass reinforced, and extremely energy efficient. There is another door in the video still in production that hasen’t had the trim on it yet. The trim on these doors is a brick mold trim, as you look down at the base of the deck you can see as it meets the deck we’ve installed new flashing, and have covered the frame with water sealing material. Once everything is properly flashed, the exterior can be trimmed out. AluminumPatioDoorsExeterNH An unfinished door on the inside will have boards that stick out of the wall when the patio door is being installed. These are called shims. We use shims to anchor the door in place to make sure it doesn’t shift after installation. All we have to do is add insulation around the shims before the trim is in place. In these doors in Exeter we use a foam insulation and after the insulation is applied, the door can then be trimmed out to match the inside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Once the trim is three quarters of the way trimmed out the video gives you a good idea of what it looks like. You can see that the white existing baseboard was matched perfectly by the new trim, it takes an expert hand to make it look so even. The patio doors that were there before leaked air like a sieve, and these are so tight that according to the owner “I’m going to have to turn the heat down a couple degrees before I go to sleep.” Homeimprovementexeter

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