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Tapping Competent Salem Roofing Contractors for an EPDM Roofing Job

When you are looking at fixing your rubber roof, it may be wise to stick to the same material. According to Rick Stacy of the Journal of Light Construction:


While weighing the options for replacing a small, low-slope, porch hip roof, I quickly rejected half-lap, mineral-surfaced roll roofing. It would have to be redone or coated in eight to ten years, if not sooner. A bituminous underlayment, such as Grace Ice & Water Shield, under standard three-tab asphalt shingles would work, but only on slopes 2:12 and steeper. There’s always torch-down, but I don’t do a lot of it, and I don’t own a torch. I didn’t want the rental expense, not to mention the risk of using an open flame on a combustible roof surface. I was tempted to go with a top-of-the-line flat roof product and sub the job out to a certified EPDM rubber membrane installer. But I didn’t need the scheduling hassles, and there probably wouldn’t be much money left in the end for my trouble and headache.

The material may appeal to residents of Salem, MA. Temperatures in the city drop to a few degrees below zero during the winter, and low-slope roofs may be a modest option if you are building a home. At the same time, though, when you’re thinking of extra protection for the home, you can let trusted Salem roofing contractors like A&A Services Home Improvement do the work for you. There’s much to do when preparing the roof for the EPDM reroofing. Some experts state that any existing damage to the roof must be fixed first before any reroofing work can begin. Your preferred contractor can evaluate the entire roofing system to assess the viability of an EPDM reroof, then present you a fully-detailed quote; the options may include applying anti-UV coatings. Take note that EPDM roofs usually come in rolls that are heated as they are laid down on the surface. The contractor will also advise you on the width of rolls that will be needed to cover an entire slope. However, for maximum effectiveness, you should set up plywood strips for the roofers to walk on during the installation to prevent damaging the rolls as they settle into the main roof. An EPDM reroof will work wonders for your home especially when Salem roofing experts like A&A set them. It will enable the warmth to stay locked in your home even during the coldest of winters. (Article Excerpt and Image from Low-Slope Reroof with EPDM, Journal of Light Construction)

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