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When Your Roofing in Peabody, MA Needs Insulation- Layers of Them

No house is ever complete without insulation, and the absence of it can have adverse long-term effects. Laura Harrison of the news portal reports: Fuel poverty has become an increasing issue in the UK, with six of the biggest energy firms announcing that they have dramatically increased their prices. According to regulator Ofgem, energy bills have risen by 28% over the past three years – and it doesn’t look as though this trend is going to change any time soon.

Insulate HomeThermal imaging cameras can be used to detect just how much heat is lost and can identify the performance and quality of insulation in homes. Many homeowners don’t realise that they are actually increasing their energy bills even further because they are overusing their heating due to their homes being very poorly insulated. Americans have the same problems as their counterparts across the pond; even with abundant resources of heating fuel and remarkably effective heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, they will all mean nothing if the house is still leaking in several locations. Such a threat can hit Peabody residents close to home, especially when the city registers at least five degrees below zero when December kicks in. When you want the warmth to simply circulate all over the house instead of dissipating out in the cold, consider seeking help from experts at insulation and roofing in Peabody, MA like A&A Services Home Improvement. The road to effective insulation begins with an extensive energy audit of the client’s property. A qualified auditor will be tasked to test the property’s insulation abilities and to talk to the homeowner about the place’s construction and age; a sound plan, since some studies have shown that older houses do not hold well against the elements. Blowers and thermal imaging cameras will also help identify problem areas. The article took note of potential insulation issues in the attic and the roof itself. An inspection may determine if the existing insulation is still safe or has degraded due to water leaks during rainy days. In some situations, the contractor should replace the existing batting with fresh ones based on the appropriate R-value; replacing the cavity wall insulation also helps reduce the energy wastage. Calling for help from Peabody, MA roofing specialists such as those from A&A will work wonders for your home insulation. The house’s interior warmth will remain sealed up and you will also get to save on utility bills. (Article Excerpt and Image from Opinion: Long-term solutions to insulate a home,, 27 November 2013)

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