Energy-Efficient Windows and the Savings They Can Bring

If you’re planning a window replacement project, you may have been told by well-meaning people that such a project isn’t a good idea. This isn’t actually the case, however. In reality, swapping out old windows with energy-efficient ones can be incredibly beneficial to your long-term finances. This is all due to the fact that their energy-efficient capabilities can help you save a significant amount every year.

In this post, A&A Services Home Improvement discusses how much you can expect to save when you replace your outdated windows with energy-efficient models.

How Much Can You Save?

How much you save yearly actually depends on how many panes of glass are replaced. According to experts, the average savings for households that replaced their old single-pane windows with energy-efficient ones is $424. When replacing double-pane windows, on the other hand, it’s been found that homeowners save an average of $91. While it will take time, after a five-year period you’ll see around $2100 in savings for single-pane windows. After a decade, this number can easily reach $4200.

On another note, window replacement experts say that replacing old, inefficient windows with energy-efficient variants adds immediate value to your home, which is a great benefit if you plan on selling in the near future. This is because potential home buyers are more than willing to pay a premium for a home that’s already energy-efficient, as opposed to one that they’ll have to upgrade themselves.

Tips for Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

When buying energy-efficient windows, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first is the air leakage rating, which determines how much air can enter a room through the window. As much as possible, look for a window that has the lowest air leakage rating, as this means fewer drafts can enter the window. The fewer drafts there are, the more energy and money you’ll be able to save. Two other important things you need to check on are the U-Factor and SHGC. Like the air leakage rating, the lower the numbers for these two ratings, the more energy efficient a window is.

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