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5 Mistakes a Great Window Installer Never Makes

In the world of replacement windows and window installation, the term quality gets tossed around quite a bit. Taking the time to make sure the job is done correctly each and every time is something that not everyone can do, and many of the problems that arise with window installation come from a lapse in the small details that set some companies apart from others.

5 Mistakes Great Window Installers Don’t Make.

  1. Using Windows That Are Not Custom Fitted – What happens when window installers use a window that is not custom fitted? In addition to your viewing area being sacrificed, the window will not provide the strength and tightness to the home that is required for windows to last a lifetime. Being able to bring the outdoors inside should be one of the primary functions of a great window/window installer. Below is a freshly installed custom window letting tons of light into a dark space.WindowInstallersWinchesterma
  2. Skipping Out on Insulation – A good window installer never leaves a window uninsulated. even the smallest space between the window needs to be sealed so that the window delivers maximum energy performance. Below is an example of an A&A Services’ installer air-sealing a window while installing.
  3. windowapronreturnMolding the Trim Improperly – Molding a window’s casing (like this apron on the right) is one of the most difficult things to do in the home improvement industry. Called “returns”, it can take 3 or 4 pieces of wood just to get the shape to fit correctly. This example on the right is immaculately tight. Notice how the apron hugs the plaster with precision. A&A Services installed this window in Winchester, MA on May, 15th, 2012. This window will last a lifetime.
  4. windowenergyefficiencyUsing Low-Quality Windows – A window installer is only as good as the window he/she is installing. Great window installers use great windows. A great window will not only fit snug in the space it was measured for, but also provide a lasting invisible barrier to the elements that has incredible energy efficiency. This NFRC tag is the federally controlled way to show consumers the quality and efficiency of a window, this tag on the right is among the tops in the industry, it is from a window company called Sunrise Windows, A&A Services’ flagship partner. A .17 U-factor is one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the country.
  5. Forgetting to Caulk Any And Every Place Air Can Get Into Your Home – Many of the spaces that air can potentially leak through in your home are often neglected upon window installation, places like the tops of the window casing aren’t thought of as often as places where air might seep into the home. Here is an A&A employee taking the time to make sure the job is done right, and that no spot is left behind, causing a leak.

A&A Services is a regular blogger and proper home improvement practice guru located in Salem, MA. For 30 years we have been using proper installation practices to further our list of returning customers. Call us at (978) 741-0424 for any of your home installation needs. 

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