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Window Ventilation

Contrary to what many homeowners think, poor indoor air quality is a significant health concern. In fact, the EPA ranks poor indoor air quality as among the top five health hazards in the country. The problem is compounded by the observation made by several studies that indoor air can be at least twice more polluted as outdoor air. That’s why it’s important to ensure your home has adequate indoor ventilation.

One way you can improve indoor ventilation is to install a window replacement. Here are some tips on how to maximize indoor ventilation provided by new windows:

Choose Windows that Provide Maximum Ventilation 

Not all windows can provide the same level of ventilation. If you’re looking to maximize natural indoor ventilation, you should have windows that can be opened as wide as possible. Casement windows would be a smart choice—their window sash can be cranked open completely, providing maximum ventilation.

Alternatively, you can choose a double-hung window replacement. These windows have a movable, two-operating sash that can provide ventilation from the top and the bottom. Given that humid air would normally exit through openings on the upper portion of your home, it’s best to leave the window sash down. To learn more about your other window options, you can consult an experienced window contractor.

Take Advantage of Cross-Ventilation

Installing your new windows in the northern and southern parts will allow you to take advantage of cross-ventilation, which is a natural cooling method that uses the differences in outside and indoor air pressure to draw fresh air into your home.

One more thing: To make sure your window replacement is installed properly, only experienced contractors should handle their installation.

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