Asphalt Roofing Project in Marblehead, MA



The client needed a new asphalt roof installed on the main part of the house, as well as a lower section of roof.


Our crew began leaf blowing the entire roof, tarping the home, removing the old shingles, inspecting the roof deck for any rotted wood, and installing the Owens Corning Weather Lock Flex Ice and Water Barrier 6′ up the roof from the fascia board, which is an addtional 3′ past what the code calls for, 18″ from the rakes, and 36″ in the valleys and around any penetrations, such as chimneys, skylights, exhaust vents, and vent pipes. Next, our crew installed the F-8 drip edge to the perimeter of the roof deck to help water flow into the gutters rather than behind the fascia and into the soffit. The crew then covered the rest of the roof with the Owens Corning Deck Defense High Performance Under Layment to the areas of the roof not covered by the Weather Lock Barrier, which helps protect against leaks from wind-driven rain.
Next our crew installed starter shingles around perimeter of the roof, with addtional adhesive to keep the shingles in place during heavy winds. After that the crew re-flashed and sealed the chimeny with pliable and durable lead flashing, which easily molds to uneven surfaces and stays in place for years. To finish up the chimney flashing, the crew patched up the flashing with stucco, patched up an area of stucco at the top of the chimney that needed addressing, and then double sealed the stucco with masonry sealant. After flashing the chimney, they installed aluminum vent pipe boots with rubber gaskets around all of the vent pipes and sealed them with Geocell sealant to prevent any leaking around the vent pipes.


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