Attic Cellulose and Spray Foam (Air-Sealing) Insulation Salem MA

Here is an example of a complete air-sealing (spray foam insulation) and cellulose (blown-in insulation) project. This four unit building in Salem was a massive installation, and will save these homeowners lots of energy this upcoming winter. All over the North Shore of Massachusetts, old oil furnaces and inefficient boilers still reign supreme. Below we show you how we insulate some of the trickiest homes in America here in the North Shore (MA). This house was built sometime in the mid-1800’s.

Above is a before and after picture of the insulation project. After we lay down a thick spray foam over the tops of where the walls intersect the attic, we blow in the insulation right on top of it. We have also built a space for storage in the attic, and over the stairs will be an attic cap. We seal any and every available air penetration.

Above is an example of us turning a finished room which could “never be insulated” before become as comfy and cozy as the rest of the house will be when this project is done. As you can see there is deep pockets of space just begging for our recycled cellulose insulation. When dealing with fiberglass insulation vs. cellulose, it’s a no brainer. Our guys don’t even need to wear gloves dealing with the cellulose, it’s 100& natural. With fiberglass, we have to make sure to cover every bit of our guys from the itchy manufactured material.

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