COVID-19 Update

What To Expect From Sales & Production

We have completed over 10,000 jobs in the 37 years we have been in business and for 20 years we provided Lead Paint Removal services. We are fully trained in safe installations for inside and outside the home. I want to explain how we will proceed in this time of uncertainty to make sure every job is done with safety techniques for both customers and employees.

I am notoriously big on check lists and below is the most updated check list to put your mind at ease that A & A Services is performing all jobs in the safest way possible from the Sales appointment to the Installation Service.

ESTIMATING PROCESS (WATCH OUR VIDEO) – We are answering all calls and offering 3 ways to give you an estimate:

  • By Phone – the good, ole-fashion way anyone can appreciate.
  • In person – a safe distance away (6 feet or more) to keep us all safe.
  • Virtually – just click on a link via email on any device (phone, laptop, tablet) and you can have a live demonstration of the estimate in the warmth and safety of your home.


  • We will schedule an appointment when you will be at your home.
  • Our Sales Technician will perform a complete walkaround of your property.
  • They will then call you to discuss the work and forward any pictures of damage, etc. and answer any questions.
  • They will prepare a proposal and either discuss over the phone, in person at a safe distance or schedule a virtual meeting with you to go over the project.
  • If hired, they will email the contract for signature and you will email back.


  • Employees checked daily for signs of sickness
  • Every employee will have handy wipes and sanitizer
  • Employees will have masks, gloves, and protective clothing
  • Employees will clean their hands frequently throughout the day
  • All communication among employees and customers will adhere to the social distancing rules
  • Full Day Exterior Installations: Portable bathroom and wash station at every full day exterior job
  • Interior Window/Door Installation: Work completed while you are away from home or in a different room

If you have any questions about an upcoming project and our procedures, please contact the office at (978) 741-0424.

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