Storm Damage-Related Roof Replacement & Repair Services in Lynnfield

We’ll Help You With the Insurance Process to Fix Storm Damage

Lynnfield residents are no strangers to severe weather. Throughout the year, we experience our fair share of extreme conditions – from hail to heavy rain to snow. While most of these storms pass by without incident, occasionally, a weather system will cause major damage to homes, typically either the siding or roofs.

Roof Storm Damage Services in Lynnwood

If your roof has been affected by a storm or even normal wear and tear, A&A Services Home Improvement is your local roof replacement and repair expert serving customers throughout the Lynnfield area. We also offer free estimates on our services.

What to Do After a Severe Weather Event

A&A Services Home Improvement knows that this can be a traumatic time, and we understand that dealing with your insurance company can sometimes be a confusing experience. Yet that doesn’t mean that you should put off everything until a later date. Most insurance companies provide you with a finite amount of time to file a claim – typically a year, but that can vary by insurance policies. It’s important to not delay starting the process.

Immediately after a storm, inspect your roof from the ground. If you see damage, call A&A Services Home Improvement to come out and do a thorough inspection. Don’t try to climb on the roof yourself since it might be soft in spots or slippery. You must also call your insurance company if we determine there is enough damage to warrant a claim.

We will gladly come out to your property while the insurance adjuster is there to ensure that they catch all trouble areas. We will also provide you with an estimate that you can use for insurance purposes.

Let Us Be Your Partner Throughout the Process

A&A Services Home Improvement will be here for you throughout the process. Call us immediately after a severe weather event and schedule a free estimate. Make your appointment today by calling us at (978) 741-0424, or you can fill out our online form.

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