Replacement Window Comparison Chart – PDF Available!

A&A Services has a very special blog post this week. Window comparison charts are one of the hardest things in the replacement window industry to find. It may take hours to find the window information you actually want to know from prospective replacement window installers. Because of this, we decided to create our OWN window chart with easy to read stuff answering all these questions in one place…


  • Are the windows I’m thinking about getting really as energy efficient as they say they are?
  • How much does an average size window cost from different companies?
  • How many colors and wood grains do windows come in?
  • Is the window I’m getting insulated?
  • How big is the viewing area in my window?
  • Is my window weather stripped? Will my caulking last?
  • Is my window going to open and close the same way 20 years from now?
  • Is glass breakage covered?
  • Is there a good warranty on the window?
  • Does the warranty decrease over time?
To download the chart answering all these questions, click the link below!
*A&A created this chart as non-biasly as possible. Any statement about price, viewing area, number of colors, etc. was placed in the chart under A&A’s descrestion and may not reflect the actual specifications of double hung windows from each company contained within the chart (even though we tried are best in an ever changing industry). Upon downloading this chart, you are agreeing to not hold any of the information within the chart accountable against A&A Services in any way, shape, or form.




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